Dialogue is a dying art. With each passing day, we are forgetting how to weigh different ideas, respect various backgrounds, or disagree peaceably with people we do not see eye-to-eye with. We fire off a rant from the safety of our keyboards and computer screens, declare our personal righteousness, and then block our opponents. We posture ourselves, always ready to defend against things our opponents might not even be saying. We're afraid to tell someone to their face that we think that they're wrong. We're simultaneously afraid to admit when we're wrong about something--when our arguments aren't making sense, but we're too committed to "winning" to give ground.

We're trying to change that. 

Leading Questions w/Calvin Moore is a weekly moderated roundtable discussion about ongoing issues in our culture. Each week we bring together disparate voices on a particular issue, discuss our disagreements, consider one another's positions and, at the very least, leave the table with a measure of respect for the person on the other side of the debate. So, whether we're discussing police brutality, gun control, climate change, human sexuality, religion, or women's issues--we're always working towards creating a space for passionate, yet healthy dialogue. 

Join us.