Calvin Moore is the host of Leading Questions. Always the inquisitive, skeptical member of his family, Calvin has consistently pushed the boundaries of accepted conventions in his search for truth and understanding. With the rise of new media, he noticed the degradation of dialogue between disparate viewpoints, which led to the creation of this program.  

Calvin earned his Bachelor of Science in History Education at Rochester College in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He is currently working towards his second Master's degree from Biola University in La Mirada, California.

Calvin resides in Detroit, Michigan with his wife, Jennifer. 



Kent is a lifelong resident of the Detroit area, where he attended two high schools, four colleges, and six different health clubs. He’s been a radio programmer, concert promoter, corporate drone, and a financial trader; written three TV pilots, and sung at thirty one weddings and eleven funerals; and currently is an independent insurance broker. The last nine years have seen him journey from knee-jerk conservatism to an open minded philosophy.